Nikiteas Bakery


Tradition in baking


Since 1890



Baked with the old fashioned way, it remains timeless keeping its nutritional value, flavour and taste.

Our Story

In 1890, when our grandpa started baking, he only knew one successful method to do so: SOURDOUGH Traditional baking means flavour and taste of authentic bread of undeniable quality. Even if it involves a time consuming process, this tradition goes on for more than 130 years, as 4 generations of bakers create your delicacies with the same passion and devotion. Today we continue our grandpa’s vision and try to evolve daily, since you can now find a wide range of pastry in our bakeries, able to cover any nutritional preference, using pure and traditional materials.


Coming Soon! Until then, call us at 27310 27284 to find out where you can get our products.