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Its initial name was “Dipyritis Artos“(greek: “pyr”:fire “artos”:bread) meaning double baked in the oven . The word “Paximadi” (rusk) is found in the first years A.D, originally called “paxamas” and then “paxamitis“, coming from an intellectual author by the name Paxamos.

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Drenched in water to become soft, it’s poured with oil, fresh tomatoes, cheese and oregano or thyme. This edition of “ntakos salad” also known as ” koukiuvayia“, has a special place in both Greeks and foreigners’ hearts and is also considered as one of the tastiest and most nutritious dishes. It is also the solution given by the Mediterranean diet to the excessive fast food consumption.


Maintaining our tradition, we bake daily different kinds of bread to cover your nutritional needs. You can find traditional, sourdough, multigrain, whole wheat, dinkel, and rye bread in our stores.


A wide range of our very own production able to satisfy the most challenging tastes.